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i can do this shiz

20 year old 5 ft 2'' Irish female. starting weight 184lbs, my current weight is 140lbs and finally my ugw is 133. I started my weight loss journey Christmas time 2011 whilst in college.I needed to lose weight to improve my health as i was always so sleepy ! At the time i was eating unhealthy and doing no exercise when i was at my heaviest at only 18, the weight had crept up my waist was 42" i hated my body and was a 38 J !!I've started running and trying to count cals on mfp its been a lifestyle change defiantly so glad i started

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over 44 lbs down over like three years so happy with my progress! only like 7 more lbs to go until i can start maintaining my weight







Updated with everyone’s requests!

These links work as of 4/5/13 - Please let me know if any stop working!

Please keep in mind that NONE of these should require a download, credit card, or plug in install or anything - those are just ads. Ignore them and close any pop ups. :)

I’m crying.

I’m only reblogging so I can actively find these links again… Because I will watch EVERY MOVIE ON HERE.



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